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Han Guoyuan
2013/9/27   History:2031

      Guangdong Province and Korea garden Gyeonggi international mutual activities of garden from the 2002Guangdong province governor Lu Ruihua and South Korea Gyeonggi governor signed the "between the people's Republic of China Guangdong Province and the Republic of Korea Gyeonggi friendly exchanges and cooperation in a joint statement". "Joint Declaration" to determine the interaction between the two sides will in the traditional garden, locations are both the provincial capital city in central park. Located in Yuexiu Park in Gyeonggi garden covers an area of 9000 square meters, in 2005 to start construction in July, completed by the end of 11, is built in South Korea garden style Korea garden traditional garden, design, construction as well as the main materials from South Korea to provide and complete. The afternoon of December 12th, Guangdong Province, Gyeonggi do reciprocal Traditional Garden ceremony cum Gyeonggi garden completion ceremony held at the Yuexiu Park, Guangdong province governor Huang Huahua, Gyeonggi governor Sun Hegui attended the ceremony. Vice governor Tang Bingquan, Guangzhou mayor Zhang Guangning attended the opening ceremony. At the ceremony, governor Huang Huahua and governor Sun Hegui made remarks respectively, governor Huang Huahua, governor Sun Hegui "signature Yue Huayuan" and "Gyeonggi garden" exchange "Garden Book transfer", and the Gyeonggi garden, planting trees and cut the ribbon opening Memorial activities. The courtyard has Yingbin villa properties, exudes a rich cultural atmosphere. Let visitors stay, browse, and enjoy, can experience the connotation of traditional culture, view of nature and life history of korea. The traditional buildings in the courtyard is a tower, a study room, three pavilions and distinctive doors and walls, color is gray, will represent South Korea garden essence of construction engineering. These embody the characteristics of Korean traditional courtyard brick, tile and wood building materials and facilities are imported from South Korea, import tiles is carved with South Korea's national flower - chrysanthemum. Construction of Korean traditional courtyard by the ROK sent construction and technical staff conducted a total of about half of the time. Enter an "authentic" South Korean Park, can make visitors feel the Korean traditional culture, but also can feel the motherland hometown sentiment in Guangzhou residential and business Korean people.

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